Dark Green 6-Pack 10 Gallon Grow Bags for Vegetables, Heavy Duty Thickened Nonwoven Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles

Fabric is durable
More tall than wide
Sewing is fine

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Advantages of grow bags:

1. Easy to use and ready for planting, plant straight into bag.
2. The large shape allows for deep root growth.
3. Perfect air: water balance for strong root growth and easy watering.
4. Healthier Root System – Encourage root pruning rather than root circling.
5. Temperature Control – Shed excess heat through breathable fabric.
6. Prevents Over-watering – Excess water will percolate through the fabric material.

Comparison of gallons:
1. 1 US gallon = 231 Cubic inches
2. 1 Imperial gallon ≈ 277.419 Cubic inches

Cylinder solve for volume: V=πr²h

The measurements of our grow bags Height(in) and Diameter(in):

1 US gallon: Height(in)—6.89, Diameter(in)—6.50 Radius(in)—3.25 V=πr²h≈228.63 Cubic inches≈0.99 US gallon
3 US gallon: Height(in)—10.24, Diameter(in)—9.25 Radius(in)—4.625 V=πr²h≈688.13 Cubic inches≈2.97 US gallon
5 US gallon: Height(in)—12.60, Diameter(in)—10.80 Radius(in)—5.40 V=πr²h≈1154.27 Cubic inches≈4.99 US gallon
7 US gallon: Height(in)—13.78, Diameter(in)—12.20 Radius(in)—6.10 V=πr²h≈1610.86 Cubic inches≈6.97 US gallon
10 US gallon: Height(in)—15.35, Diameter(in)—13.78 Radius(in)—6.89 V=πr²h≈2289.27 Cubic inches≈9.90 US gallon
15 US gallon: Height(in)—17.70, Diameter(in)—15.75 Radius(in)—7.875 V=πr²h≈3448.45 Cubic inches≈14.93 US gallon
20 US gallon: Height(in)—19.25, Diameter(in)—17.50 Radius(in)—8.75 V=πr²h≈4630.17 Cubic inches≈20.04 US gallon
30 US gallon: Height(in)—21.00, Diameter(in)—20.45 Radius(in)—10.225 V=πr²h≈6897.56 Cubic inches≈29.86 US gallon

(Notice! You have to allow for a certain amount of error! )

Why is the US gallon different than an Imperial gallon? You can search the gallon histrory.

Fabric is durable
More tall than wide
Sewing is fine
Easy and ready to use
Provide better drainage